Introducing The Single Girl Ring (tSg) - A Celebration of Finding Clarity!


In creating our ring design, we knew we wanted the diamond to symbolize us.

But adding the birthstones of those we loved was just as important! By that I mean: for all those that show up without question when you needed them, those that always checked in to make sure we were okay, those that sacrificed and raised us, and of course, those we love unconditionally: our kids. We wanted to be reminded daily of all the positive people in our lives and all that we should be grateful for. 

That is what The Single Girl Ring is all about. A daily visual of all we have that make us strong and keep us going.   

The picture above from left to right is my ring, a display ring with no sidestones, and Sherry’s ring. You can see that the setting is the same for all three but yet, they are all different.   

The center display ring with no added sidestones is beautiful by itself. If you can’t decide what stones to add now, you can always add them later.

Sherry’s stunning ring (far right) includes 12 birthstones representing the 12 special people in her life. She wanted them close together kind of pointing toward the brilliant diamond which is her! A perfect fit for Sherry!

My ring (far right) represents me in more ways than one! Of course, the sparkly center stone is me! As for the sidestones, I chose 10 diamonds simply because I love them and diamonds are my birthstone. I spaced them apart purposely to give them each room to shine. That was the perfect design for my Single Girl Ring!

This ring is not only for a single, divorced woman. It is a symbol for any woman. The diamond will always represent the wearer. It can be an heirloom to be passed down and birthstones can be added as a family grows. I have one friend that is looking at it as a college graduation gift symbolizing a job well done and a new start in life. It would be perfect for the woman that has not married as a gift to herself just because! 

The important thing about our design is that it beautifully keeps you in check. We all have those moments where we feel the weight of the world and we have no one to lean on. Let the ring be a reminder that you always have the people that stand behind you.

As you move forward in creating your own ring, we have included a link to print out a copy of our design. Feel free to use this as the guide for your birthstone placement. Knowing there are 40 open spaces to choose from, it is difficult to decide what would look best for you! Unfortunately, there was no platform available to build this out on! Apparently, the choices and variables were too many for a website to gather and design! Go figure!! 

So you may have to do what we did! Silly as it sounds, we printed out the design and used colored pencils to help us visualize our placement clearly. This way when you're sure, you can go back and fill in the your order easily and confidently. If you have any questions at anytime , please feel free to call or email us! 

 We hope you enjoy your ring as much as we enjoy ours!   



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