It's time to go live! It's happening!



It’s been a really long road and now that it’s time for our website to go live….we are both scared, hesitant and questioning everything we’re doing! Is this going to go anywhere? Do I have to share it on my personal Facebook page? Do my friends have to know? What if our business decisions are criticized? Do we have to go public with our stories? Do we have to use our pictures everywhere? OMG!! I don’t think I can do this!

Then there’s the rational side. Of course, it'll be fine. It’s a great idea! Who wouldn't want this ring - it’s beautiful! If people criticize, so what! If our friends know, it'll be a good thing. So what if our pictures and stories are out there! With all we’ve been through, this is nothing! We can do this!!

From the night we came up with the idea till now, we have met so many great people and have learned so much. But the thing that stands out in my mind are all the signs we experienced along the way. Designing the ring on 1/1/19, all the 1:11 or 11:11 times that have popped up at just the right moment, the pure white dove that sat on the salon window sill for 2 days, the important people that have played a huge part in this that we either knew or met by chance, the trip to Memphis coming at the exact right time….! 

The signs telling us we were on the right path were endless and kept us moving forward with reassurance. I have heard so many times that some things are just meant to be. Up until now, neither one of us had a doubt about our venture. But at this moment, we are both anxious and unsure. The one thing we have going is the fact that we each have the confidence in ourselves that grew from what we have been through the last couple of years. It’s amazing how all that had brought you down at one time can ultimately raise you higher than you've ever been.

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