Life Lesson #1



I was always told ‘never be jealous of anyone… you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors’. When you're young, that’s really difficult to understand. It wasn't until I was a bit older that the true meaning of those words hit home.

Growing up, my parents owned their own business and retired
after 34 years of working 14 - 16 hour days and then some. They
owned a pretty good size butcher shop, deli and grocery store.
Both of my parents came here from Europe and neither one
finished high school. Their work ethic was unmatched and their
laser focus to create a better life for our family than what they had
growing up was incredible!

Even though they continued working crazy hours 6 - 7 days a
week (holidays were 8 days a week!), they were able to help out
many people in our community. I watched them feed families in
need by packaging up groceries and never taking a dime. I saw
my father hand a high school boy a box of new sneakers so he
wouldn’t have to wear the only torn up ones that he owned. I
watched them hire people when they didn’t need another
employee just so that person had an income until they found a job
again. I witnessed my dad handing a few dollars to some stranger
that came in looking for some relief by washing the windows that
didn’t need to be cleaned.

And just recently, I had a woman tell me that my parents supplied
the meat for her wedding reception! That woman's parents were
friends with my parents and sadly they had passed a few years
earlier. She herself didn’t know at the time that my parents were
involved at all until years later when her uncle told her so! The
stories are endless! Watching my mom and dad graciously give
what they worked so hard for sticks with me today.

After my divorce was final, I invested in my salon by expanding
and designating an area exclusively for items that when
purchased give a portion of proceeds to a worthy cause. I never
thought much about why I was doing it. I just knew that I was able
to do it and went about it as if I was supposed to.

Here were my top 6 charitable finds ~

FEED ~ Bags and pouches that feed the worlds children
4Ocean ~ buy a bracelet, pull 1 pound of trash from our oceans
Friendship Bridge ~ Empowering women to eliminate poverty
Simbi ~ Handmade jewelry that provides clean water &
sustainable jobs in Haiti.

Love Your Melon ~ hats given to every child battling cancer and
50% of profits given to pediatric cancer research

Savannah Bee ~ spreading the word about the role bees play as
pollinators of our food. Natural honey being the source of their
amazing products.

I am honored to partner with these amazing
companies/foundations on their quest to do so much good for
people worldwide and our environment around the globe.

Choosing Janie’s Fund as The Single Girl’s ‘give back’ was a
natural choice for us. Raising awareness and donating money
through our sales for these abused and neglected girls was going
to be our channel to give.

When we traveled to Memphis to visit Janie’s House and met
with the director, Richard Shaw, we were in awe of his
commitment and dedication to the foundation. Listening to some
of the stories he shared with us was an eye-opener. The trials that
people, kids, wrestle with daily is incredibly sad and
heartbreaking. It’s amazing when you step out of your own life
and get a view of someone else’s, the realization of how good you
really have it sinks in. Sherry and I have high hopes for donating
and spending time raising awareness for Janie’s Fund and Youth
Villages. It is, in our opinion, a truly worthy cause that will help
raise strong, young women to live a life that is full and meaningful
in spite of where they come from.

It wasn't until I wrote this piece that I realized how I learned to
care. It all goes back to my mom and dad. I never quite
understood the impact my childhood had on me until recently. I
consider myself extremely blessed and so fortunate. Thank you
Mom and Dad! I love you both!

Life Lesson # 1

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