Our Fun Wine Frappes


 I can't say enough about these fun slushies! All the frappes come beautifully packaged and all mixes are NON alcoholic. They are meant to be mixed with alcohol after you purchase them. But remember you spike it the way you like it!

Some facts about the Frappes:

All Natural flavors~ Lemon Burst, Cranberry Acai, Chocolate Martini, Wild Cherry, Warm Mulling Spice and Granny's Apple Pie are all natural and contain no artificial ingredients or dyes.

Which are gluten free ~ Funky Caramel, Cappuccino, Chocolate Martini and Eggnog

Sugar ~ All the mixes are made with pure cane sugar

Serving Size ~ All frappes come in 10oz. packages and make two quarts (a half gallon) of product.

Each bag yields 10 (8oz) servings.

Expiration ~ Best used within two years. Nothing really expires but after two years it may not freeze or slush up properly.

How do you make it? Simple!

All our products non-alcoholic so you have to add your wine or You spike it the way you like it. We love wine and that's what we choose.

Use a dry wine such as a Chardonnay for the majority of the signature frappe mixes.

Put one bottle of wine, fill the same bottle with water (just equal parts) and the frappe mix and freeze then enjoy!

Now! If you like your frappe stronger, use two bottles of wine instead of the water it just may take longer to freeze. (Allow minimum 24 hours to freeze.) Will freeze faster in a shallow container or you can mix in a large freezer Ziploc bag  ( double bag if you feel safer.) Then once frozen, take it out to thaw, remove the amount you want and place back in the freezer.

Some of our mixes are better with a dry red wine such as a Merlot. Those flavors are Chocolate Martini, Sangria, and warm Mulling Spice.

What?? Not a fan of Wine?

No worries! All flavors can be mixed with other types of alcohol or NO alcohol    (use 48oz water) at all! You can use vodka, champagne, rum, whiskey, tequila, or any other type you choose. Just use 1.5 cups of liquor to 4.5 cups of water and frappe mix then mix.

Our Funky Caramel Cappuccino, Pumpkin Spice, and Eggnog Should NOT actually be mixed with wine. These flavors go best with rum. Some types of alcohol go better with certain flavors. Some can even be served warm!

See our Pinterest page for more fun recipes and ideas! Order today and receive shipment in 2-5 business days!

These gift baskets are filled with beautifully wrapped individual frappe flavors that make fun gifts for your office staff or just need to send a gift to a group or your favorite person!   A gift everyone will be happy to receive! 



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