This is How it Happened (She's Back)



Like a diamond, I’ve been put under enormous pressure and came out more powerful and beautiful than before. 

This is how it happened:

I thought we were a powerhouse couple…nothing could break us apart! I was sideswiped the night I found out about the other woman. Amazing how your life can change in the blink of an eye!

Even betrayed and brokenhearted, I fought for our marriage and our family. Ultimately, I filed for divorce on 1/1/17.

I felt heartbroken for a long time. I lost my husband so fast, I felt like a widow. I mourned him as if he died. But after time, I knew I had to move on. Life is short and heartbreak just eats you up, right?

I started reconnecting with old friends. In doing this I started to remember who Sherry really is. Not just a wife and mother which I had been for years. But the girl that lives in me, in all of us. She is in there. 

I realized I have not been in touch with the single girl in me for years. Once in a while, she would burst out when on vacation, away from the hustle and bustle from everyday life. But overall, she was suppressed and everyone else’s needs came first.

This is when I realized the importance of The Single Girl in me. It took awhile. But, how life-changing to have her back, like welcoming an old friend. I began to feel free and happy, more than I had in years.  

I wish I would have let her out more in my marriage. But I was so focused on everyone else that I forgot about myself. It took this personal storm for me to find myself again. And now, she’s here to stay. I won’t leave her again.

My future relationships will be stronger because she is back! I will not lose her again for me and for my future relationship. Because.. Remember… after all that’s who they fell in love with.. The Single Girl.  

Every day, I will wear The Single Girl Ring for her. I promise to love and honor her, death do us part. 




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