Valentine's Day?

February 13, 2020                                                        By Sherry and Ingrid

The only time we really enjoyed Valentine’s Day was when we were kids in school where everyone received a card with some kind of candy attached. It was fun then because it was a gift everyone got and enjoyed. As teens and then as adults, this publicly celebrated holiday seemed stressful and quite frankly, uncomfortable. 

  In high school, if you didn’t receive a large heart shaped lollipop, everyone knew it and you felt like ‘Loser’ was tagged on your forehead! Ugh.. that’s why us girls always sent them to each other so no one felt left out. Crazy right??

  As adults, If no one sent you flowers to work where everyone could see… the ‘Loser’ tag still applied! God forbid you didn’t have a special someone that was spending a fortune on overpriced roses with a card attached professing their love for you. Ugh… so stressful.

  Once married, we still thought of Valentine’s Day as just ridiculous. Neither one of us could never quite get the point across to our significant others that spending over $100 on a dozen roses on this one day was just insane! Was the sentiment of sending flowers on this day really for us? Or was it simply to save face as a man? How about buying a $10 bouquet of flowers at a gas station 'just because' on any of the other 364 days of the year? Both of us would much rather have received that then celebrate the obligatory public holiday just because we felt we had to. Ugh... do we really need to celebrate this overrated, humiliating, over priced, stressful holiday? Our answer - we'll pass and buy our own bouquet for $9.99 at the local supermarket. Just our opinion!!

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  • Agree 100%! To me, just a day that puts pressure on both guy/girl…husband/wife. I would so much more appreciate the $10 gas station bouquet on any other day just because the spirit moved him not because he felt obligated. Would much rather go out with my sister or friends to dinner/movie or stay home, put my pjs on and watch Netflix with my glass of wine📽🍷

    Rather not

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