What is the single girl ring?

The Single Girl Ring is a personal heirloom and a daily reminder to love yourself first. Created by two single women, this ring supports the independent spirit of single women everywhere.     

how do i wear the single girl ring?

Worn on the left hand (yes, just like an engagement ring), our ring represents a new kind of love for many women: self-love. Know that every time you wear it, you’re strengthened by its special powers.

What does the center stone represent?

The center stone represents you. It’s that simple. You can choose a natural diamond, GIA certified. The diamond you choose will come with a certification and have the following high quality characteristics: 

 Color: H 
 Clarity: SI 
 Cut: Very Good 
 No Fluorescence 

Do you offer lab grown diamonds for the center stone?

Yes, we offer lab grown diamonds that come with IGI certification. The lab grown diamonds have the following impeccable characteristics: 

 Color: F/G 
 Clarity: SI 1 
 Cut: Very Good 
 No Fluorescence 

When purchasing a diamond from The Single Girl, we have chosen high quality stones to set in our rings. Taking into account the 4 C’s (Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat), we stand behind our beautiful stones and setting to ensure our clients a confident purchase!

What do the sidestones represent?

This is where you really personalize your ring. Decide on the sidestone gems and create a pattern that speaks to you. 

Sidestones can represent: 

* Your birthstone or the birthstones of loving, supportive people in your life 

* Symbolic colors (like green for growth, ruby red for passion) 

* Your favorite gemstones

what does the single girl ring look like?

The look: a thoughtfully designed setting trimmed in 14K white gold with 38 inlaid gems circling the band. The center stone is a brilliant oval diamond and the band metal is 14K yellow gold. Classic yet modern, breathtakingly stunning and thoroughly customizable.

is the single girl ring eco-friendly?

Yes, we’re proud to say any gems used in the production of The Single Girl Ring are ethically sourced, GIA Natural and IGI Certified Diamonds.

HOW Can i design my own ring? 

Personal Advice Always! We started The Single Girl to support other women on their single life yes, we’re all about helping you create the perfect ring! Call 1-609-256-7444 so we can collaborate.