Our Policy

The Single Girl fully stands behind our products. We believe they are a reflection of our business and us personally. So if you’re reading this: thank you for considering our Single Girl Ring! Nothing makes us happier than a sister Single Girl joining our movement to choose self-love! We promise to do our very best in delivering your custom ring that reflects your design choices in our customized setting. 

Here are some things to know prior to your purchase of The Single Girl Ring: 

You can cancel your order during our “girl’s unsure” period of 48 hours after submitting your order by calling us directly at 609-256-7444 and receive your full deposit back on the same credit card you used to purchase. No other credit cards can be used for refunds. After 48 hours, your order will be submitted and your Single Girl Ring will be on the design table...yay! 

We know you will love wearing your custom designed ring! But here’s the stickler: the ring is custom to your specifications so there is no refund or credit available after the initial 48 hours is over. Please make sure you love what you see first. If you’re not sure, please call us at 609-256-7444 and we’ll be happy to talk it over with you.

Even though we would never send a ring to you that is less than perfect on purpose, we want you to know that if there is any defect in the way of the band and setting (i.e. prongs, bearing, gallery or otherwise, please snap a pix and call us at 609-256-7444 immediately after opening your package. We promise to fix anything that is not quite right!

Now that the business is behind us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and welcome to the world of The Single Girl! 


Our hope is that you love your custom Single Girl Ring enough to cherish and maintain it properly. For the safety of your diamond and gemstones, please take good care of cleaning it and every now and then. Make sure to check your prongs are doing their job. We cannot warranty missing diamonds or gemstones and would hate to have you lose them - ever! 

If it’s worth it to you, you may want to look at insuring your ring for peace of mind. It is not an expensive policy and mostly all insurance companies offer insurance for valuable items. 

Remember to please keep your certification documents for the diamond you purchased from us. That is the only way to ensure your investment!