Welcome to your Single Girl Ring
Follow the easy steps below to customize your ring so it truly represents you.  
Step 1. Decide on the centerstone. 
We offer three different diamond carat sizes in our setting. (Prices do include the diamond in the setting.)
Natural Mined GIA Diamonds
.50 carat             $3,959.00
.75 carat             $5,159.00
1.0 carat             $6,759.00
Lab Grown IGI Certified Diamonds
.50 carat          $3,439.00
.75 carat          $3,939.00
1.0 carat          $5,539.00
Step 2. Decide on your side stones. 
Each side stone is $25.
There are 19 placement possibilities on either side of the center stone (38 sidestones in total). Place your choice of gems anywhere you would like. Or fill in every space to make your ring really stand out!
You can choose your side stones based on: 
  • Your birthstone or the birthstones of the special people in your life. 
  • Side stones with symbolic meaning. Review our Gem Meanings chart and pick gems that mean something to you.
  • Pick colors you love! Do red side stones remind you of your fiery, passionate side? Maybe green stones represent how much you’ve grown. 
  • No side stones at all. Do you want to celebrate you and you alone? We get it. Let’s keep the focus on that amazing centerstone. 
Still can’t decide? Let us help. Both Sherry and Ingrid offer free personal consultations prior to your purchase. 
Step 4. Hit the purchase button. But before you do, review our policy. Our rings are custom made to order. We’re sure you’ll love your design. Unfortunately, custom rings are not returnable.
We offer free shipping and handling throughout the United States.
The most important thing to remember? 
This ring represents you! Just like life, design your Single Girl Ring with thoughtful intention and careful consideration. Let it genuinely represent your bright and shining spirit.